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Game Host Rewards

GM’s/Host Rewards

If you host a game at the Midwest Gaming Classic, you can get some great rewards, including tickets for next year… potentially from hosting just one game! Here’s how it works:

For each hour that you host a game, you earn 5 Gamer Quest Points.

For each hour that a player is playing a game you are hosting, you earn an additional point.

For each four hour session you complete, all of the points you earned during that time get a 25% bonus!

A single Activity Host may host multiple activities throughout the weekend. There is no cap to the amount of points an Activity Host can earn.


You sign up to host a four hour tabletop RPG session (5 Gamer Quest Points per hour – 20 points).  You are joined by six players for your game (6 Game Quest Points per hour – 24 points). For hosting a 4 hour session, your points get a 25% bonus – you have earned 55 points!


You sign up to host short dice game tournament for two hours (10 points). Twenty people join you to play. (40 points). You have earned 50 points!

Points can be redeemed as follows

55 points for a Saturday and Sunday ticket for next year

55 points for a Friday Gamer Quest / Preview Night ticket for next year

20 points for an MGC Shirt

10 points for an MGC Lanyard

5 points for an MGC Sticker


Additional prizes may be added at a future date! Points will carry over from year to year. We reserve the right to change point and reward values in subsequent years as the show grows and changes.