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Game Host Policies

Hosting a Game at Midwest Gaming Classic

Want to host a game for an event with more than 15,000 attendees in the same location that hosted Gen Con for many years? This is your chance! The Midwest Gaming Classic, along with Epic Quest Productions wants YOU to organize and run game activities!

Better yet, for each game hosted, Game Hosts (GMs) earn points that can be redeemed for tickets to future events, merchandise, and more! We hope you will help bring the biggest table top experience to downtown Milwaukee since 2004!

Please keep in mind that all GM’s and Judges are required to purchase a ticket for admission to Midwest Gaming Classic for the days they will be running the events on. Having an event accepted for the convention does not mean that you are relieved of this obligation. Your login information will be cross-reference with your badge information to verify the show ticket purchase. If you need tickets click HERE.

All time slots are 4 hours. If you need more than one slot then Title your game Part 1 and Part 2 and indicate in the description of part 2 if it is required to play part 1 or not.

Game Time Slots

The Midwest Gaming Classic is open at the following times:

Friday Gamer Quest Early Open – 8am-5pm and 6pm-Midnight

Friday Preview Night – 6pm-midnight

Saturday 10am-8pm Sunday 10am-5pm

All game times must be held within these hours. Game hosts must have a valid ticket to the part of the event or events when they will be hosting games. Time slots are generally considered to be four hours, however if you feel that your game will take longer or shorter, please submit it and we will review the times.

Game Host/GM Policies

All Activity Hosts or GMs who opt to submit an event at the Midwest Gaming Classic are expected to follow all of the Midwest Gaming Classic Rules which may be found at https://www.midwestgamingclassic.com/mgc-rules/

Additionally, Activity Hosts should understand the following which provides specifically to hosting events at the show:

  •  Game hosts are not an MGC employee or contractor
  • Game hosts are to provide a fun, open, welcoming, and safe environment to all attendees
  • Game hosts must follow any additional directions given to them from MGC or Epic Quest Productions staff
  • Game hosts are responsible for the well being of any items which they bring
  • Will abide by all venue policies.
  • Will abide by all of MGC’s Attendee and Code of Conduct polices.
  • Understand that consequences may occur as a result of violating MGC policies.
  • Agree that the purpose of running gaming events at MGC is to provide a fun and entertaining experience to MGC attendees.
  • Agree to ensure the safety of you and your players.

All event space is reserved for organized events. Any unauthorized event will be removed at MGC’s discretion. If space is available, please contact MGC staff if you would like to use it for your event. If there are problems or questions, do not attempt to fix it yourself. Please contact MGC staff.

You are responsible for the security of all items you bring to your game. If any special care is necessary, please contact MGC staff to make arrangements. MGC assumes no liability for lost or stolen items.

If there is a reason that your game can not be run, contact MGC staff immediately so the game can be cancelled.

Games Choice

The Midwest Gaming Classic is an event which welcomes attendees of all ages. When submitting your event, please ensure that an appropriate age range is selected for your players.

Additionally, any game including themes, scenarios, or encounters which use extreme graphic violence, overtly sexual content, or racist themes will not be tolerated at the Midwest Gaming Classic. Violating this can result in immediate expulsion without refund, as well as a permanent ban from hosting games at any future shows.

As stated above, when you agree to run any event at Midwest Gaming Classic for our attendees you are doing so with the express understanding that you are running said event in a way to provide a fun and entertaining experience for our attendees. This does not include providing “shocking” or “horrifying” experiences in a game.

MGC is a family event and to ensure that no adult content is seen or heard by underaged attendees no games with adult content is allowed. There simply cannot be any room for surprises when it comes to subjects that might be offensive or objectionable to our attendees.

Before Your Game

When the event gets closer, game hosts will be emailed specific instructions about where to go for their hosted game. Activity hosts should appear at least 10 minutes before their game is to start to check people in and fill any unused seats if possible before the game begins. If your designated table is in use, contact MGC staff. Do not attempt to move your game to another table/location as this may affect other games.

All players must have a valid MGC badge for the day of the event. Open seats at your event may be filled at any time before the event. If you have no-shows of your reserved seats you are to make them available to those on the stand by list, or waiting at your table, 5 minutes before the event start time. Any unused seats can be filled after the event starts at your discretion. The Consilium convention app will give you real time information on how many seats are still available and allow you to send texts via the app to any missing players.

During Your Game

Check that all players are wearing valid badges during all games. You need to be wearing a valid badge as well.

Games shall run as they were submitted, including start and end times, location, and content. If changes are necessary, please contact MGC staff as soon as you know so we can try to accommodate you.

If there are any problems with disruptive players or security issues, contact the nearest MGC staff member.

After Your Game

Clean up your space. The area should be left as you found it. If you see areas of concern (trash, broken chairs/tables, spills), please contact MGC staff.

Please return the state of your table to the same that it was before you arrived, including ensuring your table number and holder are present and visible for the next group.

Canceling a Game

If, for any reason, you need to cancel a game which you are running, please immediately contact MGC staff so your game can be canceled.